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St. Joseph County Historical Society of MI Headquarters

Come visit us! The archives and research center are                open Fridays from 10 am - 4 pm.

Call 269-273-6003 for more information or to make

an appointment on an alternate day.

34 N Main St.Three Rivers, MI 49093


A state and national historic site 1831-1834

113 W. Chicago Rd.

White Pigeon, MI 49099

White Pigeon Prairie U.S. Land Office & Native Prairie Garden

  Visit us at our White Pigeon Location.

  2024 open house dates: 

          May 5               August 11

              June 9                Sept.  15 

              July 12 5-7pm   (White Pigeon Days)

              July 13 9-2pm   (White Pigeon Days)

                            October 13

 Call 269 718-7013 for more information

              or group tours

Leaf Pattern Design

Wahbememe County Park and Gravesite

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     Located just south of White Pigeon MI, the Chief Wahbememe Park is at the intersection of U.S. 12 (Chicago Rd.) and U.S.131.   

A Michigan and National Historic Site

Potowatomi Chief Wahbememe (White Pigeon) was a signer of the 1795 Treaty of Greenville which aimed to end hostilities between the U.S. government and an Indian confederation in the Great Lakes region.

According to legend, while attending a gathering of chiefs in the Detroit area, Wahbememe overheard of an Indian plot to attack white settlers in southern Michigan.  The chief was regarded as a friend to the settlers of the area, so he immediately set out on foot to warn the White Pigeon area pioneers of the impending danger.  The trip of 150 miles left him exhausted but successful in delivering his warning.  The exersion lead to his immediate death ca.1830.  His remains are buried on the site.  In 1908-09 the Alba Columba Club, of White Pigeon raised the funds to commemorate the chief.  The large granite boulder from nearby Cass Co. was erected in a day-long ceremony which was held before four thousand people.  Six-year-old Willie White Pigeon, Chief Wahbememe's great great grandson unveiled the monument. 

Owned by St. Joseph Co. Historical Society and maintained by the county, the park is also the home of the Veterans Memorial dedicated to  the soldiers who have served in U.S. military branches from St. Joseph Co. Michigan.  Thanks to the generous efforts of the Edds Foundation.

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